About Me

My Summary

I’m a final year masters student studying Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications with a minors degree in Strategy & Experience Design. Currently, I’m doing my thesis research on in-store behavior analytics and shopper marketing.

My peers would describe me as a warm, well-rounded, and easy person to be around, with a positive-growth mindest, agile, and a good communicator. I consider myself to be peoples-person and intuitive with a prospecting outlook. In my work life, I enjoy using insight and creativity to help others and think about innovative ways to improve things. 

In my free time, I’ll be immersed in music – playing or listening to Jazz, gaming by building virtual cities, exercising at the gym, or out strolling the city or nature nearby. I am originally from Canada, I hold Irish duel-EU citizenship and I am currently living in Finland.

Throughout recent years, I have devoted much of my time to learning new skills and acquiring academic knowledge. During my studies, I have had the opportunity to work on many interesting hands-on projects, along with teaming up with some very bright-minded people of diverse backgrounds.  From large company commissioned intensive projects, to volunteering at entrepreneurship events, to freelance side gigs while during my studies, some of these project and school-related experiences have shaped who I am today. I have a diverse background, but it’s helped me approach things with a creative and open mind. I’m always eager to learn and open to new opportunities, where I can utilize my skills, personality, and ideas to grow even further than where I am now.

You can get to know more about my experiences and background in my bio below!


My Philospohy 


Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient

Seeking to be inspired, think unconventionally, driven by curiosity, challenge, and practicality.


Be open minded and believe in change

Aspiring to solve problems and provide solutions to serve users and customers, and help society or businesses do better!


View everyone who comes into your life as a teacher

Always be learning from others, but compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.


Be crafty, kind and honest

To be my sociable smiling self, always surround myself with music, creative minds, and those who bring out the best in me.

My Bio

Matthew was raised in Aurora Ontario, 40km north of the greater Toronto area. Matthew has experienced living in 4 different countries and traveled to many, has flown in a two-seater cargo bush plane to live on a Tasmanian island for 4 months, has hitch-hicked with a friend to the Shire (from the movie Lord of The Rings) set in rural New Zeland, surfed the frigid cold waters of the Irish-Atlantic, he’s performed at a music concert for an arena of 800 people, and had met his lovely Finnish partner of 10 years-strong in the sunny city of Brisbane, Australia.

In the past, he’s been a drum builder’s apprentice, a short-order cook and catering server, an in-store retail sales representative for two well-known brands, a boarding school’s assistant, a gigging musician, to helping develop a family-run business, co-establishing an international startup event, to later working for a unit of the United Nations, as well as boutique marketing agencies, to name a few. His eagerness to learn and diverse background has helped him to not only step out of his comfort zone but also approach things holistically in everything he does with a positive impact.

In 2013, he started his formal education journey in Finland, studying a bachelor’s in tourism, raising his interest in experience economy, mobility, and destination marketing. His thesis focused on search engine optimization and localization in the travel industry and influenced him to pursue a master’s degree to deepen his knowledge in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Matthew also has a fascination with environments (physical and virtual) and how they influence behavior, which creates a deeper human experience. During his time as a student, he’s been taking on freelance side projects (e.g web design) and engrossed in internet business and the functions that drive it. For example, through practice and shaping value proposition, he’s helped a cleaning business generate around 80% of its on-going revenue through organic web optimization and acquisition. Being growth-oriented, Matthew is always ready for the next big challenge.

In pop psychology assessments, Matthew scores high in Openness to Experience in his Big Five profile with moderately high scores in Agreeableness and Extraversion.

Interested in my work or want to hire me?

To learn more about my experiences or background, check out my About & Bio page, or head over to Projects to see more featured work. If you’re interested in my professional qualifications, you might want to check out my virtual resume. Feel free to reach out anytime – let’s connect!