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On the side, I like to build websites and provide help with digital marketing for small business clients to generate more business and improve online presence for them. I’m primarily a Divi WordPress specialist, however, I have made websites using other themes and platforms also. These sites have been done on the side during my spare time as freelance project work.


Below are some of my featured website design work I’ve done for clients and other projects.

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Featured Project

Website Redesign & Optimization

One of my first projects, a family run business, I revamped and transformed its online presence. Starting from a strategic approach, followed by website design, SEO, optimization, and digital marketing.

60-80% of customer acquisition is generated from the website and online channels.

All Featured Website Projects

Spar-Clean Inc.

A Canadian cleaning business running since 1996 – this website was built for improved branding, SEO, and online presence.

TRS Custom Drums

A custom drum manufacturing business – this website was given an overhaul modern web design, keeping the original brand personality and content, as well as with an WooCommerce shop added.


PayIQ is a Finnish based mobile ticketing platform for transport operators and city event organizers – This website was done as a collaboration project.

The Nutty Bean Cafe

A small Canadian family-run cafe – this website was made for a fresh look that best represents the cafe, while still keeping the same branding, imagery, and content as before.

Startup Funding Event

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Startup Funding Event is an event that brings startup founders, investors, and spectators together – I was a part of the SFE team and I helped create their website in collaberation.

Hangaround & Nobody Brewing

A Finnish microbrewery – a clean yet slick website made with two languages, and a place to feature their best in-stock products.

RNM Productions

Coupled with TRS Custom Drums, RNM Productions is a music studio business – the look and feel of the site was made for simplicity and a place for featuring studio lessons and showcased work.

Cafe Roasberg

An Independent cafe in Helsinki, Finland – the website was made to reflect the experience you’d get visiting the cafe itself, modern, cozy, artistic, and authentic. This website was done as a collaboration project.

Matt Tibbo Photography

Matt Tibbo is an award-winning Toronto photographer – this website was made for his brand persona and a portfolio place to feature his best work. 

Jazz Calendars

Jazz Calendars is a Jazz listing site, a place to promote Jazz all around the city, 7 nights a week – This was a passion project and done in collaboration. I primarily worked with Jazz Calendars London and Sydney.

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