Google Online Marketing Challenge


The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is a unique opportunity for students to get real-world experience creating and executing online marketing campaigns for real nonprofits using a $10,000 USD monthly budget of in-kind Google Ads advertising credit through the Google Ad Grants program.

This global academic program brings two worlds together, partnering students and nonprofits, to support digital skill development and drive positive change around the world.

Project Info

Project: SEM campaign project for non-profit organization
Timeline: 4 weeks
Role: Strategy, Marketing, advisory
Team: 5 members

Google Online Marketing Challenge

Non-Profit: Megan Meier Foundation

About The Commissioner

In December of 2007, Tina Meier founded the Megan Meier Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, in memory of her 13-year old daughter, Megan Taylor Meier, who took her own life after being cyberbullied by an adult neighbor pretending to be a boy on MySpace.

The cause of the organization is to offer information and guidance on bullying and cyberbullying to student teachers and schools. The mission of MMF is to support and inspire actions to end bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide.


Campaign Planning & Google Ads Management for Meagan Meier Foundation

Campaign Goal:

Acquiring traffic to the organization’s awareness and donation webpages and targeting ads to reach people who need help surrounding bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide.


  • Non-profit mission analysis
  • Market & Target Audience Analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Current campaign analysis and evaluation
  • Keyword performance analysis
  • Setting strategies with target audiences & ad planning
  • Budget allocation with KPI alignment
  • Continuous optimization, A/B testing
  • Check working CTA’s and copy to new ads
  • Updating negative keywords
  • Goal setting in Google ads & Analytics
  • Client follow-ups

Key success metrics:

  • Clicks improved by +547%
  • CTR increased from the initial 9.43% to 14.07%
  • Impressions from initial 21731 to 96149

Learning Outcomes

  • Gained valuable business, marketing, analytical and consulting skills through practical experience.
  • Contributed to a meaningful cause while learning from a real organization
  • Learned to collaborate effectively in a professional group setting
  • Established professional relationship with the client and made a real-life impact on the cause
  • Gained exposure to the digital marketing landscape using real money on a live advertising platform
  • Developed tactical skills that are in high-demand on the job market

Teamwork by: Lauri Pelamo, Max Westerholm, Milla Hytönen, Sami Hiirsalmi, and Matthew (Roblin) Presley.

University of Jyväskylä, DMCC programme.

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