Helsinki, Finland

Hey there!

I’m Matt.

A creative sales-driven marketer and an all-around good guy.

Welcome to my portfolio site. Have a look around, and
Don’t be shy — Let’s talk!

Helsinki, Finland

Hey there!

I’m Matt.

A creative sales-driven marketer and an all-around good guy.

Welcome to my portfolio site. Have a look around, and
Don’t be shy — Let’s talk!

This is me...
Open-minded and open-hearted. Always curious and hungry to learn.

Canadian, proudly based in Helsinki, and well-travelled with experience of living in four countries – diversity is what inspires my work. I have an affinity for building positive relationships and a strong preference for all things creative and expressive activities. My inspiration comes from a melting pot of varied sources: from music genres like Jazz & Blues, to mixed cultures, reading, gaming, my recent master’s studies, and more. I’m happy-at-work, easy-going, and fun to be around.

I can adapt to any role and environment. I embrace challenges, cross-collaboration, and welcome individuality.

When presented with challenges I...

When presented with challenges, I do not back down. I try to learn and adapt until I can produce high-quality results – regardless of the job or project. To offer a more diverse portfolio of my capabilities, I have acquired experience in a wide variety of fields. Some of my acquired knowledge includes digital marketing and web design, customer success management, b2b sales – and you can help me add to this list.

When it comes to marketing I...
  • Seek to work with products/businesses I truly believe in myself.
  • Have a can-do attitude. No worries if I don’t know yet how to do something, I’ll figure it out!
  • Am tech-savvy and analytical.
  • Value networking and connecting with different stakeholders from co-workers, clients, to prospects.
  • I am a thorough researcher skilled in identifying insights to inform effective initiatives.
  • Has an adept eye for design and powerful writing and public speaking skills to create attractive and easily understandable communications for the target markets in any given project.
  • Occasionally take on freelance gigs on the side (i.e. via word of mouth).

Website design  Strategy Copywriting  B2B Sales  SEO  Email Marketing  Research  CRO Digital Marketing  Brand  Business Growth Customer Experience

Projects & Collaborations

Webdesign + marketing

Website Projects

Featured freelance website projects I worked on, mainly for small business clients. Services also included i.e., copywriting, SEO/Local SEO, content marketing, social media, and client advisory.

Digital marketing

Google Marketing Challenge

Adwords campaign of $10k to raise awareness for anti-cyberbullying Non-profit – Megan Meier Foundation. This was a student project hosted and funded by Google, working closely with the client over a 4 week period.

Research & Design strategy

ITP Programme

A company commissioned student project. My team carried out strategic design research to study persona & customer journey planning, audience understanding, and communication plan to improve corporate engagement.

Event Marketing

Startup Funding Event

From ideation to launch, this project was done together with a small team of entrepreneurs to scale up a startup funding event held in 3 different European cities, bringing together startups and investors. 


Jazz Interlude

A side project that was co-created as a Jazz resource platform; a place for music promotion, a directory, venue & gig listing site(s). Porvoo Jazz Festival was also a project of Jazz Interlude.


Master’s Thesis

A master’s thesis on in-store shopper behaviour analytics to understand how shoppers behave, predict what customers want, and optimize store layouts and shopper marketing. The study includes qualitative data collection and international expert interviews.

My portfolio contains some of my work – but not all. Get in touch with me and schedule an interview to learn about my experience, skills, – and more specifically: what I can do for your company.