Website redesign and optimization 

One of my very first web design and marketing “side hustle” projects – this is where I got the opportunity to test and tweak to see what worked and didn’t work, ending with great results.

This project was for a family run business that I’ve worked closely with. Taking a marketing design approach, I was able to transform this small business’s online presence into a well-known authority for its local market.

Project Background

Spar-Clean Inc is a small family-owned Canadian residential and commercial cleaning company, running since 1996 and serving the York Region Ontario area. In recent years, the business was looking for new ways to grow its business further and realized their traditional marketing efforts were not quite paying off. Lacking an online presence and the company wanted to not only strengthen its brand but attract a larger audience in its targeted locations.

With a complete revamp on their online strategy, Spar-Clean Inc has since seen significant growth and has become one of the most visible cleaning companies in it’s local market. Because of the efforts made focusing on online presence, Spar-Clean has also been able to grow its cleaning staff team to 15 employees and expand to service surrounding locations.


Website design and build

Research & Content Strategy

Web copy and blog/article writing

Basic social media growth tactics + content creation

SEO driven landing pages

On/off site local SEO

Email Marketing

Facebook Ads management set up

Setup + monitoring of SEMrush, Hotjar and Google analytics

Technical configurations

Client coaching/supervising

This project was one of my very first web design and marketing projects on my own and on the side. Being a family-run business, it gave me a great learning foundation and opportunity to experiment and see what worked and didn’t work in regards to full-stack web design and marketing. It was also a great opportunity to consult and coach the client along the way.

Prior to providing my aid, the client was focusing its customer acquisition through traditional marketing efforts e.g print, door-to-door flyers, Yellow Pages, etc. Struggling to measure results, the first place to channel in customers was to revamp their website to be much more user-friendly, marketing-centric, and could actually be found on the first page results in Google for local, targeted search terms.

Since efforts implemented in 2014, Spar-Clean now receives up to 80% of its customer leads via its website organically.

Unique Results


New Email Subscribers

Gathered through Mailchimp email marketing, over 300 new email subscribers have been generated over the past two years.


Total sales

Up to 80% of total customer sales have been acquired from online channels, particularly organic search, and via the website.


Leads from organic search

55% of customer leads come from organic search engine results pages, driven by SEO efforts.

Google Analytics, 25/02/2020

SEMrush, 25/02/2020

““Matthew did a fantastic job on my website and has helped me so much with my business. I’ve been getting a lot more frequent customers because of the work Matthew’s done for me. Spar-Clean would not be where it is today with out his help. I would highly recommend Matthew.

Vicky Roblin – CEO, Spar-Clean Inc.